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Will a Cathead laptop case make my MacBook shock resistant?
  While a Cathead laptop case will protect your MacBook against some bumps and shocks, unfortunately even the protection afforded by the polifoam in the case won't make your MacBook totally shock-proof. We don't advise hitting or dropping your laptop on purpose while it's in your Cathead laptop case!
If I use my MacBook constantly for a long time, should I take it out of the Cathead laptop case?
  If you are going to use your MacBook for a long period of time, we recommend that you do remove it from the Cathead laptop case. The vents for the fan are at the back of your MacBook under the screen hinge, and the spine of the Cathead laptop case can partially block the vents and prevent hot air escaping.
How many sizes are Cathead laptop cases available in?
  Currently Cathead laptop  cases are available in a size that form-fits the 13" Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro models, as well as similar sized laptops from other manufacturers. For instance some Sony and Dell models are suitable for Cathead laptop cases. (HP F 4400EA, HP FOX 33EAW, Acer MPFEU008 13,3", Sony SF 14N1E2 / P 35564, Toshiba Z930 13,3", Lenovo Yoga 59431622 13,3")
Are Cathead laptop cases washable?
  Yes! Cathead laptop cases are machine washable or hand washable. We recommend that you use a neutral washing powder or liquid, place the case in a mesh washing pag or small pillowcase, and wash in maximum 30 degree water. You can use a gentle spin cycle in the washing machine. Definitely don't put the laptop case in a dryer, as this will damage the polifoam and shrink the cotton material.
Are Cathead laptop cases able to be spin dried?
  Yes, you can spin dry your Cathead laptop case in your washing machine on a gentle cycle.
Can I put my Cathead laptop case in the dryer?
  No, Cathead laptop cases should never be put into a dryer. The hot air from the dryer can damage the polifoam inside the case, and will deform your Cathead laptop case.
Can Cathead laptop cases be ironed?
  There is no need to iron your Cathead laptop case. After washing and leaving it out to dry, the case retains it's shape when you zip up your MacBook in it.
Is there a guarantee on Cathead laptop cases?
  We provide a two year guarantee for Cathead laptop cases from the date of purchase. Any defects or problems that occur with the case in this period are covered by the purchase guarantee.
What should I do with the packaging?
  You can put the packaging aside as a memory, and find a new function for it - for example to store your favourite party flyers, movie or theatre tickets, photos, or love letters. Alternatively, recycle the packaging in the correct recycling center. The label is a cute cats head sticker, so stick it on somewhere visible!
What should I do with the trash?
  If in the unlikely event that your favoured Cathead laptop case becomes the victim of your cat/dog/ex, then please say goodbye to the pieces in an environmentally friendly fashion. You can compost the cotton covering, and send back the polifoam inner to us - we will return it to the factory for reuse. In this manner you protect the environment and reduce your eco-footprint.
Won't the zipper scratch my precious 13" Unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro?
  Cathead laptop cases are designed with an interior protective lining that protects your wonderful Apple MacBook from the zippper when it is being opened or closed. This lining layer also lets you know which part of the Cathead laptop case is the top and which is the bottom - place your MacBook inside the lining which is on the bottom of the Cathead laptop case.
Can I charge my MacBook while it's in my Cathead laptop case?
  Yes! The Cathead laptop case has been designed in a practical fashion, with the zipper closing at the end of the case where the Magsafe adapter attaches itself to your MacBook. All you have to do is open the zipper a few centimetres, and you can attach the charger to your MacBook.
Why aren't there handles on the Cathead laptop cases?
  Cathead laptop cases are designed as just that, as cases, rather than as bags. This means that you don't have to carry an extra laptop bag with your MacBook in it, and you can put the case and MacBook into your existing bag.

However we have some good news. We are currently working on a system of detachable handles, in two different sizes, one that allows you to hold it in your hand like a briefcase, and a longer strap that lets you wear the Cathead laptop case on your shoulder.
Why aren't Cathead laptop cases available white or baby pink?
  It was hard for us to make this decision as we really like those colours, but unfortunately they only look perfect when they are brand new. They will become stained and dirty very quickly, and will no longer look as good as when new, and we want every Cathead laptop case customer to enjoy their case for a long time. So unfortunately we need to wait for dirt or stain resistant pink and white fabrics - maybe NASA could help!
Can I order custom-designed Cathead laptop cases?
  In the future we are planning to release individual and custom designed Cathead laptop cases. To this end, we will be working with renowned designers around the world and be producing Cathead laptop cases for Apple MacBook with custom designs on them.
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