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The Idea
The genesis of Cathead laptop cases for Macbook was simple. In order to satisfy the needs of ourselves and our friends who use Apple MacBooks, we created our own laptop cases.
Fairplay - Fairtrade. Life and Business with Responsibility, with a Positive Attitude
We made this our mission. In practical terms, this means trying to respect and take care of everything: the environment, the lives of others, and ourselves. Always.
Style and design
Our first concept was that cathead cases should all be black'n'white, the eternal classic! Then we thought let them be colourful! The result: multi-coloured, black'n'white  variations of cathead laptop cases...

Co-operation with Work Capacity-Impaired Employers
You didn't even know such enterprises exist? There are people whose state of health or accident have impaired their ability to work . . .